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Support for Master students

Course dates 2021/22

Course Code Contact week Course test*
Transport modelling CIV5133Z 25–29 Jan  01 Feb
Transport demand analysis and project assessment CIV5132Z 08–12 Mar 15 Mar
Discrete choice modelling and stated choice survey design CIV5127Z 23–26 Mar 28 Mar
Integrated land use – transport planning CIV5038Z 03–07 May 10 May
Local area transport planning, management and design CIV5036Z 26–30 Jul 02 Aug
Management of transport supply and demand CIV5035Z 06–10 Sep 13 Sep
Public transport system design and operations management CIV5071Z 18–22 Oct 25 Oct
Public transport policy and regulation CIV5070Z 22–26 Nov 29 Nov

*if course is offered on campus


Each course is supported by a Vula site to facilitate student-student, and course convenor-student interactions during periods of self-directed study. Vula is a web-based open-source collaboration and learning system. Students can login to the site and down- or up-load material associated with the courses for which they are registered.

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