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Which option is for me?

The Centre for Transport Studies (CfTS) offers a range of study options suited to candidates with various backgrounds and interests in the subject of transport studies and related fields. 

We have three types of offerings: 

  1. Master's degree with a duration of two (2) years
  2. PhD degree with a minimum duration of three (3) years
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses spanning a few days

We want to help you choose the best suitable study option. Depending on your intended career path – where you want head in the long term – and a couple of other criteria you can select your option with our handy guidelines and table below.


Infographic: Which study option suits my career path?

A guide to selecting your study option

See which criteria come into play and find out which study option would work best for you.

  Study options: Transport Studies Programme
Master MEng MScEng MPhil PhD CPD
My highest degree is
Undergrad Engineering2        
None required          
My studies should set me up for a career in
Engineering practice    
Policy and advocacy work    
I prefer to study mainly through
I'm also looking for
Getting on track for a PhD            
Earning CPD points          

1: University honours degree OR 4-year bachelor OR 3-year bachelor/BTech degree with 5 years work experience
2: Undergraduate degree in Engineering

3: Master's degree in Engineering 

Master-level options

CfTS offers five master degree options. The coursework-oriented options draw on a shared set of courses with different configurations, while the research-oriented options align with the Center's research focus areas. 

Practice-orientated Master's

The first of our master-level options, the Master in Transport Studies (MTransport), is focussed on candidates whose main aim is to build their knowledge for application in practice and prefer coursework. Prior degrees' studies do not have to be in a specific discipline to allow entrance to this degree option. 

Policy-orientated Master's

There are two Master of Philosophy in Transport Studies (MPhil) options for individuals interested in policy and related research.

  1. one option has a heavy focus on coursework
  2. the other option focuses more on research (with or without some coursework).

Previous degrees do not have to be from a specific discipline, but there are minimum numeracy and writing requirements. 

Engineering practice or research

The remaining two master degree options are for individuals with interest in engineering and related research:

  1. the Master of Engineering in Transport Studies (MEng) has a heavy focus on coursework, and
  2. the Master of Science in Engineering (MScEng) includes a substantial research component, with or without some coursework.

Only candidates with an engineering undergraduate background can apply for entrance to either of these options. 

PhD option

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) option is for students wanting to do extensive research in the field. The degree also puts students on a trajectory for an academic career.

CPD options

The Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses are ideal for people actively engaged in the field who want to expand their professional skills and expertise, but also contribute to their continued professional development and CPD portfolio. There are a variety of topical short courses available.