Master of Transport Studies (MTransport)

The taught Master of Transport Studies (EM029CIV06) requires the completion of three core courses totalling 60 credits, two core research project courses totalling 50 credits, and approved elective courses totalling a minimum of 80 credits.

Core courses

Integrated land use – transport planning (CIV5038Z) Course description

Transport demand analysis and project assessment (CIV5132Z)  Course description 

Management of transport supply and demand (CIV5035Z) Course description

Research Project 1 Course description
Research Project 2  Course description

Credits: 20 credits per course, 25 credits per research project

Elective courses

Transport modelling (CIV5133Z)  Course description

Discrete choice modelling and stated choice survey design (CIV5127Z)  Course description

Public transport policy and regulation (CIV5070Z)  Course description

Public transport system design and operations management (CIV5071Z)  Course description

Local area transport planning, management and design (CIV5036Z)  Course description

Non-motorised transportation (CIV5039Z)  Course description

Credits: 20 credits per course


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