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Engaged scholarship

At the Centre for Transport Studies (CfTS), we are committed to rigorous scholarship that makes a societal contribution in the urban passenger transport arena. This contribution focuses on our city – Cape Town, South Africa – and other cities with similar socioeconomic contexts; it also links to global concerns such as social inequity, urbanisation, and human-induced climate change. 

In academia

Our scholarship is anchored in the university as an institution for generating and debating knowledge. We share and interrogate this knowledge in scholarly publications, through student supervision and in course teaching. These are established and essential mechanisms for capturing and disseminating what we find and learn. 

In practice

Our scholarly work also lends itself to application beyond a research project, classroom or campus. We make use of this opportunity by engaging with constituencies beyond the university to contribute to and influence ways in which mobility, accessibility and transport service issues are addressed on the ground. 

These engagement opportunities include, amongst others, getting involved in the following:

  • policy work that assists with public policy development read more
  • community work that extends to university-industry-community dialogues read more 
  • research outputs that are published on publicly available media platforms see all

You will find evidence of our engaged scholarship throughout this website. This includes our internationally recognised research and publications, as well as the variety of study options that we offer. We also list examples of our engagement beyond academia, which continues to evolve and grow in extent.

Our network

Throughout these activities, we work closely with our network – funders, people in the public and private sectors, community-based organisations, and in partnership with other universities. Such collaborations ensure what we do remain relevant and informed by actual practices and different contexts. 

Whether your interest is in academia or practice, you can get involved – join in and support us to keep on increasing our impact on how people move in cities. Find out more