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CPD options: Transport Studies

The Centre for Transport Studies offers a range of options for Continued Professional Development (CPD). Most courses are accredited for CPD credits, details are listed in the course brochures or are available on request.

Fixed courses

Register for one of our fixed courses, this will give you access to the lecture week of the Transport Studies Programme.

Integrated land use – transport planning (CIV5038Z) Course description

Management of transport supply and demand (CIV5035Z) Course description

Transport demand analysis and project assessment (CIV5132Z)  Course description 

Transport modelling (CIV5133Z)  Course description

Discrete choice modelling and stated choice survey design (CIV5127Z)  Course description

Public transport system design and operations management (CIV5071Z)  Course description

Public transport policy and regulation (CIV5070Z)  Course description

Local area transport planning, management and design (CIV5036Z)  Course description

Non-motorised transportation (CIV5039Z)  Course description

Upcoming courses  CPD calendar 

Registration and other information  Support for CPD attendees

Custom courses

There is also the option of custom CPD and other short courses that can be arranged. Please refer to our CPD page for more information and details.