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The academic staff associated with the Centre are actively engaged in numerous research projects funded by a range of national and international research funding agencies.

Since establishment the main focus of research projects have focused on the following main themes:

  • the establishment of integrated institutional and policy frameworks within which more equitable, efficient and sustainable transport systems might be planned, constructed and managed. This includes research into:
    • the integrated or co-ordinated formulation and implementation of Integrated Development Plans, Integrated Transport Plans (including Public Transport Plans) and Spatial Development Frameworks as required by, but not specified in, post-apartheid planning legislation;
    • appropriate planning frameworks at sub-metropolitan or local area scales which enable the co-ordinated and proactive implementation of walking and cycling plans and strategies and traffic calming; and
    • conflicting professional or technical planning discourses and the problem of translating new ideas into practice.
  • the appropriate nature of integrated plans and strategies required to create more equitable, efficient and sustainable urban transport systems. This includes research into:
    • travel demand management;
    • public transport systems planning and assessment;
    • the upgrade and integration of paratransit and scheduled public transport systems;
    • road safety and transport system management – incorporating the use of intelligent transport system technologies; and
    • better accommodating the needs of the poor and vulnerable road users through area-wide traffic calming and non-motorised transport network planning.
  • innovative transport planning and management techniques or methods required to formulate and implement more equitable, efficient and sustainable plans and strategies. This includes research into:
    • methods of data collection and analysis, with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on the travel needs of those groups most disadvantaged in urban transport systems – incorporating activity-based, time-use and qualitative methods;
    • methods of analysing changing travel behaviour, and models of behavioural adaptation to demand-side transport strategies – incorporating retrospective and panel surveys, stated preference surveys and strategic or policy appraisal models;
    • techniques for monitoring the effect over time of transport plans and strategies on travel behaviour, and for monitoring traffic in real-time; and
    • methods of transport project evaluation and impact assessment incorporating participatory decision-making frameworks.

The current research interests of Roger Behrens include:

  • the regulation and improvement of paratransit, and its integration with scheduled public transport services
  • the analysis of the dynamics of changing travel behaviour, and the implications this has for the management of travel demand
  • the identification of urban form preconditions for effective public transport networks
  • the analysis of the use of transport systems by pedestrians and the quality of pedestrian infrastructure and environments, and the identification of frameworks through which improvements can be made

The current research interests of Herrie Schalekamp include:

  • paratransit operations
  • public transport reform
  • transport policy and politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • institutional capacity building

The current research interests of Marianne Vanderschuren include:

  • road safety
  • non-motorised transport promotion
  • transport modelling
  • dynamic traffic management
  • sustainable evaluation studies

The current research interests of Mark Zuidgeest include:

  • transport geography, in particular computational analysis of geographic patterns
  • mobility and access in informal settlements, in particular the role of non-motorized and public transport
  • accessibility modelling and analysis, in particular measures of transport-related social exclusion
  • dynamic land-use transport modelling
  • choice modelling